Through initial memberships of the Cambridge Golf Club (CGC) in the 1990s by Cogswell founders Ron and Phil, a sponsorship arrangement to support the purchase of team uniforms for the Championship Pennant Teams began. In 2008, the First Division team carried the Cogswell logo on their uniforms to gain a historic win!  Currently, the Company has focused its financial support of the Club through sponsorship of the Junior Development Program and the Club's recent Ecological Restoration Project to encourage wildlife and native vegetation regeneration through pest and weed control.  If you visit the Club you will see Cogswell signage proudly displayed. 

Cambridge Golf Club Juniors win The Waikato 2023 Junior Pennant Series: Sunday 27th Aug 2023.

Our code is to play with pride, never give up, be respectful of all facilities, players, and those who are supporting our game.

The first victory ever in the Waikato Junior Championships.

Congratulations to the team, Riley Bennett, Lucas Peng, Matthew Prinsloo, Lachlan Dennis-Wolf, Benji Thomas and Harvey Thomas.

These are our stars of the future and the strength that makes Cambridge a great place to play our game.

Thank you to Cogswell Survey for their assistance and support of the Junior Academy, the parents, guardians, and Waikato Golf.


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