Our team at Cogswell know land development - we've been shaping Cambridge for over 50 years.  Established in 1965, Cogswell has a long history of providing a wide range of land surveying and development services in the Cambridge area. We are nearing 20 staff and employ a range of ages to ensure that we get experience mixed with dynamic new ideas and innovation.  We are proud of our hard-earned reputation for quality, with clients in both the private and corporate sectors of the community.

What do we do?

Cogswell offer a wide variety of surveying, planning and land development engineering services.  This includes topographical surveys, subdivision, boundary definition/re-pegging, land use resource
consents, feasibility studies, and civil engineering design.  

What projects have we worked on recently?

Cogswell have worked on some large subdivisions such as St Kilda, Norfolk Downs, Saffron Estate, Pukekura, Cambridge North and the majority of residential development in Cambridge.  We have been involved in survey work for the Cambridge Section of the Waikato Expressway, APL (Bardowie) and the recent Cambridge Jockey Club Synthetic track design and resurface.  We have also worked on major commercial projects in Cambridge including BP, Countdown and Mitre 10 Mega.

As well as these larger projects, we have plenty of clients in the Waipa District who are undertaking their first subdivision on their own rural or residential property.  These often lead to second and third subdivisions for the same clients!

What resources do we have available?

As well as our high skilled and experienced engineers, planners and surveyors, we also have a range of the most advanced technology available to use from UAV’s (drones) to robotic total stations, top of the line GPS units and digital levels which measure to 0.1mm!  Our team are able to select the most appropriate technology from our tools to deliver you the most accurate results for your project. 

Our UAV captures aerial images of your property and providing good quality subdivision scheme plans, allowing Cogswell to provide quality information to Council to assist in their decision making.  Our computer programs are able to produce clear and concise plans, and which Council are  accepting. Once the subdivision is approved, we are able to utilise our technology to schedule in the conditions and monitor the progress of your consent avoiding any times delays or timeframe lapsing.  Our systems are setup to work from anywhere, so we can keep in contact and progress your job no matter what life throws!

How can we help you?

We gather information about your property, apply for the consents and then implement the consent for you.  We take the stress of the development away from you, so you can kick your feet up and
just pay the bills!  Our staff will keep you informed of the process along the way, such as when the application is being lodged with Council, or when we are coming out to site.  We will also give a realistic fee estimate with a realistic timeframe for completion of the development, and then stick to
it as best we can.  You can leave the entire process to us, and we will deliver your brief.  

How are we different from the rest?

Cogswell will manage your project from the beginning right through to the end.  We have solid relationships with Council staff and other consultants to get your job done.  We are innovative and find appropriate solutions where we need to.  We are friendly people who truly care about your project and will always answer your queries.  We are active managers, we ask the question of others before it is asked of us, and we get the job done!

Whether you are ready to begin your project, or just considering your options, contact us today for further details on how we can help you with your project – whether it is big or small. 

We are members of the New Zealand Institute of Surveyors and are committed to providing our clients with professional advice and quality service, while balancing their needs with local planning and legislative requirements.

Our Team

Our team of Land Surveyors combine their varied knowledge and experience to deliver precise information and innovative solutions that maximise opportunity and create greater value.

E: phil@cogswellsurveys.co.nz

Pete McLachlan

Licensed Cadastral Surveyor

Pete joined Cogswell in 2002, becoming a partner in the business in 2010.

Pete has a Bachelor of Surveying from The University of Otago. In 2017 he was awarded the New Zealand Property Council's Waikato Property Professional of the Year, highlighting his leadership, commitment and innovation within the property industry.
Pete has vast experience in Surveying and Engineering projects in NZ and the UK.

E: phil@cogswellsurveys.co.nz

Phil Cogswell

Registered Professional Surveyor

Phil has over 30 years’ experience in surveying and land development engineering. He has worked for Cogswell for many years, firstly alongside his father Ron, then as a sole shareholder, then as a partner with Pete. Phil has a degree in Surveying along with a substantial completion of a BSc in Soil Science.

Phil’s areas of expertise and interest are planning, engineering design and project management.  He has a reputation for delivering results on major projects through effective consultation and project management.

E: phil@cogswellsurveys.co.nz

Rebecca Steenstra

Planning Manager

Rebecca joined Cogswell in 2019, bringing with her over 9 years of Planning experience in both the private and public sectors.

Rebecca holds a Bachelor of Social Sciences specialising in Resources and Environmental Planning. Rebecca has worked on various projects across the Waikato ranging from consenting apartment blocks, large residential subdivisions, infill housing developments and rural subdivisions. Her most recent experience was as a Senior Planner at Waipa District Council.

E: phil@cogswellsurveys.co.nz

Aaron Cogswell

Surveyor (Shareholder)

Aaron joined Cogswell in 2005 working alongside his Grandfather (Ron) and Father (Phil) becoming a shareholder in the Company in 2021.

Aaron completed a National Diploma in Surveying at Unitec in 2010. After graduating Aaron worked on various civil construction projects across New Zealand, Australia and Fiji.

Aaron’s key role is training and managing our survey team, whether it be land transfer surveys or engineering/construction work.

E: phil@cogswellsurveys.co.nz

Andrew Watts

Licensed Cadastral Surveyor (Shareholder)

Andrew joined Cogswell in 2002 and became a shareholder in the Company in 2021.

Andrew has a Bachelor of Surveying from The University of Otago and became a Licensed Surveyor in 2007. 

Andrew has experience in Cadastral and Engineering surveying as well as land development design and supervision. Andrew has worked in the UK and New Zealand.

E: phil@cogswellsurveys.co.nz

John Marsden

Licensed Cadastral Surveyor

John joined Cogswell in 2019 bringing with him 15 years of surveying experience within New Zealand the UK and Canada.

John has a Bachelor of Surveying from The University of Otago and became a Licensed Surveyor in 2007. John then obtained Registered Professional Surveyor distinction in 2017. John has experience in surveying and land development and has worked as an infrastructure engineer.

E: phil@cogswellsurveys.co.nz

Ryan McKeown

Engineering Technician

Ryan joined the Cogswell team mid-2019. Ryan started his career in engineering in 2017 after 4 years in the building trade.

Ryan has a NZ Diploma of Engineering (Civil). He has been involved in a range of projects in the Waikato, including large residential developments, road safety improvements and bridge maintenance inspections. 

E: phil@cogswellsurveys.co.nz

Alistair Bond

Licensed Cadastral Surveyor

Alistair joined Cogswell in 2012.

Alistair has a Bachelor of Surveying from The University of Otago and qualified as a Licensed Cadastral Surveyor in November 2020.

Between 2012 and 2016, his main priority was with the New Zealand Rowing Team, competing at multiple World Championships and the 2016 Rio Olympics. During this time he also attained his Masters in Environmental Management from Massey University. 

E: phil@cogswellsurveys.co.nz

Ben Goodson

Graduate Surveyor

Ben joined Cogswell in 2014.

Ben has a Bachelor of Surveying from The University of Otago. Ben is involved in a number of projects, small and large. As his experience develops Ben has a goal to become a Licensed Cadastral Surveyor.

E: phil@cogswellsurveys.co.nz

Nick Simes

Graduate Surveyor

Nick joined Cogswell in 2015.

Nick has a Bachelor of Surveying from The University of Otago. Nick is involved in a number of projects both large and small. Nick has a goal to become a Licensed Cadastral Surveyor in the future.

Ryan Cogswell

Graduate Surveyor

Ryan joined Cogswell  in 2015.

Ryan has a Bachelor of Surveying from The University of Otago. Ryan is involved in a number of projects both large and small. Ryan has a goal to become a Licensed Cadastral Surveyor in the future.

E: phil@cogswellsurveys.co.nz

Kevin Stanners

Survey Technician

Kevin joined Cogswell in 2016.

Kevin has a Degree from the 'Univeristy of Life'. He has a background in Telecommunications. Kevin works alongside the survey team assisting them out in the field. At the office Kevin is the 'go to' person for anything requiring repairs or maintenance.  

E: phil@cogswellsurveys.co.nz

Beryl Barras

Office Manager

Beryl joined Cogswell in 2019.

Beryl has a Post Graduate Diploma in Management Studies. She has worked in both public and private sector. Beryl completes many administration tasks on projects. She also processes the accounts and assists with other administration tasks around the office as required.

E: phil@cogswellsurveys.co.nz

Kandee French


Kandee joined Cogswell in 2017.  

Kandee has a Diploma in Teaching. Kandee completes numerous administration tasks in the background of projects ensuring things are moving along as required. In addition she ensures the office runs smoothly.

Ron Cogswell

Ron completed his surveying apprenticeship in Palmerston North from 1952-57. 

In 1964 he founded Cogswell Surveys Ltd in Cambridge. He attributes his long career to learning new skills and job fulfillment. Ron still maintains his Cambridge links and working for Cogswell Surveys part-time.

Ben Vincent

Ben has worked for Cogswell Surveys as a Survey Assistant since early 2019. He has commenced his study towards a Bachelor of Surveying at The University of Otago in 2020. 
Ben continues to work during the University breaks bringing practical experience to his studies.



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