Boundary relocation subdivision (Rural)

A boundary relocation subdivision is when you change the position of the boundaries between two or more titles.  It is usually undertaken in the Large Lot Residential or the Rural Zones. 

What are the rules for boundary relocation?
The Waipa District Plan has some specific rules around boundary relocation depending on which Zone you are located in.  Each zone has a minimum lot area which needs to be complied with, as well as ensuring that you do not end up with more titles than you started with following subdivision.  You also must only boundary relocate viable titles.   

In the Rural Zone, the new lots that you create must have a minimum lot area of at least 5,000m2.  They also should comply with the Rural Zone or Large Lot Residential Zone rules such as boundary setbacks from existing buildings and site coverage.   You also need to consider the number of dwellings that will end up on each title, as you can have a maximum of one principal dwelling (over 70m2) and one secondary dwelling (under 70m2) plus any other consented farm workers dwellings on a single title.  

The National Policy Statement for Highly Productive Land (NPS-HPL) also controls the layout of a boundary relocation when part of the property contains highly productive land (i.e Class 1 to 3) and is in the Rural Zone.  The NPS-HPL requires any boundary relocation to avoid a loss of highly productive land, which may mean there is a limitation on how the titles can be expanded regardless of how the land is currently being used.  Cogswell staff can advise further on this.   

What is the process?
If you are undertaking a boundary relocation between two titles that you own yourself, the process is relatively straight forward, as there is only a single party involved.  Cogswell will prepare the subdivision application and the complete the topographical survey of the property, and then submit an application to Council.  The consent application will be processed and then issued with a number of conditions.   

If you are undertaking a boundary relocation between yourself and an adjoining landowner, prior to proceeding with the subdivision you would work toward having a sale and purchase agreement in place.  Cogswell can assist with a concept plan (desktop only and subject to change) which can be attached to the sale and purchase agreement and used for negotiation.   

Contact Cogswell direct to obtain more information on the costs and the timeframe to complete the subdivision. 


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