Land use consent lot subdivision (Rural)

A land use consent lot subdivision enables you to create a new lot around your existing land use activity/business within the Rural Zone.  You must hold a current resource consent for the activity which was granted and given effect to (established and operational) at least two years prior. 

What are the rules for subdivision?
The Waipa District Plan has some specific rules around land use consent lot subdivision, which are listed as follows: -

  • The lot must have a minimum area of at least 2,500m2.

  • The land use consent must be for a non-farming activity such as industry, packing sheds involving produce grown off the site, restaurants and cafes, retreat or conference or education facilities, garden centres or nurseries, commercial garages, service stations, health case facilities, travellers accommodation (excluding bed and breakfast or similar home base accommodation) or places of assembly.  

Note: For the avoidance of doubt, wood splitting and drying associated with the sale of firewood, seasonal activities, fortified sites, greenhouses, operations involving the hire of lease of goods, distribution of goods not manufactured are not able to be considered under this rule.

This rule can be used only once per qualifying land use consent. 

The National Policy Statement for Highly Productive Land (NPS-HPL) also controls the location and the use of this rule when part of the property contains highly productive land (i.e Class 1 to 3) and is in the Rural Zone.  The NPS-HPL requires any subdivision to avoid a loss of highly productive land, which may mean there is a limitation on how the subdivision can occur.  Cogswell staff can advise further on the use of these entitlements.     

Contact Cogswell direct to obtain more information on the costs and the timeframe to complete the subdivision. 


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