Whether you are looking at a rural subdivision (e.g surplus house, transferable development right, environmental benefit lot, or boundary relocation) or urban subdivision (e.g general residential, infill, or compact), updating cross lease plans or creating unit titles, Cogswell has the know how to assess the feasibility of your project and then manage your project from concept, to consent and right through the implementation phase.

Our extensive local knowledge, our experience in the District Plan and government  legislation, coupled with our planning, surveying and engineering expertise will place you in the best position to achieve you the outcomes you desire for your property. 

Whether you are looking to purchase some land, or have owned the land for generations, we can help you.  Cogswell will manage the subdivision process, from drafting the subdivision consent and lodging it with Council, engaging contractors, liaising with the power company, and communicating with your solicitor.  From the initial concept right through to the issue of your new title, our experienced and knowledgeable team will guide you through the land subdivision process.  

We can help you:

  • Determine if subdivision is possible on your property;

  • Understand any areas where your proposal does not meet the District Plan or National Policy Statement rules;

  • Understand any associated risks;

  • Provide a full estimate of costs and a programme to completion.



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