Residential subdivision

To subdivide in the Residential Zone of the Waipa District, you need to have a minimum of 500m2 for a vacant site and 400m2 around an existing dwelling.  This is the net area, so it excludes any area required for access.

An average lot area of 600m2 or greater is required for three or more lots, with a maximum area of 1,000m2 (no maximum in the Cambridge Residential Character Area).

Note: There is also an option to develop via infill housing which is three to six lots between 350 to 600m2 (two to six lots between 400 to 500m2 in the Cambridge Residential Character Area) with a concurrent land use consent showing complying house designs. 

What is the process?

Cogswell will prepare the subdivision application and then complete the topographical survey of the property, and then submit the application to Council.  The consent application will be processed and then issued with a number of conditions.  Cogswell will work on completing the conditions of consent and then getting the new titles for you. 


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