Planning and Resource Management Services

Land use resource consents are required for non-compliance with the District Plan's zone rules. Common simple land use consent examples are exceeding site coverage or permeable area, building within boundary setbacks, encroaching the daylight control, constructing a secondary dwelling, or building a new building/altering a building in a character area (Visually Sensitive Hill Country. Outstanding Natural Landscape, or a Scenic Corridor). More complex land use consents may include commercial buildings which are out of zone, exceeding the density of housing in the residential area, or, a structure plan.

Cogswell can meet with you, prepare a feasibility study, organise and attend a pre-application meeting with Council staff, prepare the consent application, liaise with external consultants, and lodge an application on your behalf. We can the work with Council toward a positive outcome for your development with conditions that meet Council’s requirements and suit your needs. We will assist in the implementation of the consent if required, as land use consent conditions can be ongoing.  

We will:

  • Work with you to understand your proposal;

  • Determine the feasibility of your proposal and any risks;

  • Organise and attend a pre-application meeting at Council 

  • Obtain proposals from other consultants as required (e.g. Traffic Impact Assessment, Cultural Report, Contamination Report, Archaeological Report, Land Use Capability Report, Urban Design Report);

  • Consult with Iwi if required;

  • Prepare documents for neighbours to provide approval, or assist you in this process;

  • Prepare your application and lodge it with Council; 

  • Communicate with Council and answer any questions as required;

  • Negotiate draft conditions with Council; and

  • Explain and walk you through the process post the issue of your consent.



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