Development Feasibility Study

A feasibility study is a document prepared by Cogswell Surveys which will advise you of the development potential of your property.  For example, this may be the ability to subdivide into residential allotments or whether you can build another home on your property, or it could be the construction of an industrial or commercial building.

When would you get one prepared?

It’s a good idea to get a feasibility report prepared when you are selling your property to help purchasers realise the potential of a future investment.  You may also like a feasibility report while you weigh up your options on whether to proceed with the development or to assist shareholders in a decision-making process.

What does it include?

The report includes a description of the site, the District Plan zoning and policy overlays, and the development options for the site.  A copy of the record of title and any relevant consent Notices or covenants will be included, as well as information on the servicing requirements for the site.  Cogswell Surveys will illustrate some potential layouts for site (subdivision only) and discuss the rules that may not be complied with within the report.  Further information, such as house designs or other reports that may be required (e.g. engineering, land use capability, acoustic reports, traffic reports etc) will be identified.  The report will also advise potential costs of completing the subdivision or obtaining applicable land use consents, and development contributions that may be applicable.  An overall conclusion will be drawn of the likely feasibility of a subdivision or development of the land proceeding through Council process to a consent. 

Cogswell Surveys has access to:

  • Council records
  • Service plans
  • Title and easement details



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